Posted on 02/28/2020


The Flip Side

Catch Joey Live Sunday Nights 7:30pm-9:30pm on the Flip Side. He will be doing album reviews, live music, Prank calling robot calls, reviewing concerts and venues, Throwing in some interviews and Dr. Demento stuff! Why not throw in some off the wall fun to the mix! Contact Joey Live here!

Posted on 02/02/2020

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Breakfast with D

Sunday mornings is a great time to grab some breakfast, refill your coffee and sit back as you take a ride back to yester-year and enjoy the Top 40 music of this date. A different year each week will be featured along with some news, sports and weather.        

Posted on 01/21/2020


The Slick Willy Show

5 hours of unfiltered music and commentary as only Slick Willy can dish up! He says what everyone is thinking but are afraid to say. He’ll play music you won’t hear anywhere else and discuss news events the way no one else dares to. Uncut, unfiltered and not for the weak of heart.