Our Staff

Slick Willy
Slick Willy is the man behind Slick Willy Radio. Being around music all his life, from playing in many bands to playing music at weddings, he knows and loves music. Slick Willy is the host of s few different shows, the Slick Willy Show, weekdays and The South of The Mason Dixon Show on Friday evenings. 


The man behind the scene making sure you can listen to your favorite shows and music! He also has a show on Thursday nights playing your favorite country music, The Country Storm Show.

Joey Live

When Joey Live isn’t playing music in local businesses and customizing guitars, you can catch him on Sunday nights on the Flip Side Show

Old Uncle Tazz and Buford

Old Uncle Tazz & Buford have been together almost 50 years. Their friendship goes back to their childhood in the early ‘70’s in the Midwest.

OUT spent 20 years as a professional motorsports announcer, calling Cordova Dragway Park in Illinois home, while also traveling around the U.S. and Canada working for the NHRA, IHRA, and for tracks as a “Hired-Gun” (kinda what the few of us there were called ourselves)

In 2016 OUT retired from announcing due to health reasons and began working as a DJ for a local FM station. In less than 3 years they, OUT&B, had the #1 Saturday night rock show in the listening area.

In 2021 OUT&B left FM to work from home and joined slickwillyradio.com bringing with them both of their popular shows in the same timeslots.

The OLD HIPPIE Saturday 7pm-Midnight, music from the GREATEST generation of music, ’64-’78. The BIRTH of folk, psychedelic, metal, glam, southern, it’s all there and we play it ALL. Long cuts, Deep cuts, UNCENSORED cuts.

LIVEDEAD Thursday night starting at 10pm, an UNINTERRUPTED Grateful Dead concert every Thursday night. Most are exact date show from ’65-’95. We also at times feature “side-projects” such as Jerry Garcia Band, Legion of Mary, Billy & The Kids, & Phil & Friends. We also at times feature “Tribute” bands from around the U.S.

The Danimal

The Danimal has come out of retirement! As a previous radio DJ and a great musician, he is bringing some great experience and knowledge to his show! Join him every weekday afternoon for the Live Afternoon Drive with The Danimal between 3p and 6p cst.

Feral Karole

All the way From the Mountains of Vail Colorado we bring you Feral Karole!  Originally from Hollywood California and the Sunset strip, Karole was in many bands from back in the days of the 80’s and 90’s when the strip was in high demand for new Hair Metal Bands, such as Bullet Boys, Motley Crue and Ratt to name a few and not to mention his own band, Guttersluts. Karole eventually found his way to Radio in places like Nashville, Las Vegas and then Colorado were he now does a couple shows for Slick Willy Radio. He stays very in touch with the Sunset Strip hair metal bands. His shows are The Damn Morning Show, and The Total Shit Show

Big Joe

You can catch Big Joe weekday mornings to kick off your mornings with the Mega Morning Show and don’t forget to catch him on Tuesday evenings playing your favorite vinyl on the Vintage Vinyl Show and Monday evenings on the Rock Abilly Riot Show.

The Zman

When he isn’t outside enjoying the wild, he is in the studio enjoying the music! You can catch the Zman playing your favorite music on Monday nights on the Heavy Hitters Show and on

Jordan Danielsen

Jordan Danielsen is a Singer/Songwriter out of Davenport, Iowa. He’s been a diligent performer in the Midwest for 2 decades, playing over 200 shows a year. Jordan is fluent on ten different instruments and plays guitar, harmonica, kick drum and hi-hats at his solo shows to give his audience the true one man band, musical experience. He has released two full length albums, as well as 8 singles, and a new EP on the way! You can check it out on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and all other streaming sites.